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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Working In The Clay Studio 9-24-11

Ceramic buttons. I used the cap from a pop bottle to cut out buttons. Because I sometimes use buttons for garments rather than for decoration, I put terra sig on the back of the buttons so the button would be smooth and not catch on fabric. 

Shabbat candlesticks. I put terra sig on the bottoms so the bottoms would be smooth and not mar a wooden table. I have some crochet motifs (see below) that might look nice under the finished candlesticks. 

Checking to make sure the drip cups still fit the hole I made in the tops of the candlesticks. I'm leaning towards not gluing the drip cups to the candlesticks. If the drip cups lift out, they will be easier to clean. 

Using the red art terra sig to put my initials on the backs of the buttons. 

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