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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yard Art

When they grow up, they will be solar powered fountains. For now, they are yard art.


Regardless of our beliefs, death touches all of us. We all lose people we love and we all will die. We all experience loss and sorrow - no one is immune. This piece is named after the Jewish prayer for the dead. The pieces on top of the box actually fit into holes in the top of the box.


This piece has a square peg fitting into a round hole in the top of the box. There are lots of misfits; Albert Einstein, Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, me. We're the people who see things a bit differently and never quite fit in.

Conforming Misfit

Some misfits try really, really hard to fit in... but we never quite manage to conform. That's why there's a round peg that fits into a round hole in the top of the box.

In God's Image

Woman was created in God's image.

In Memory of my sister, Christina Marie Griffasi

I still have a hard time dealing with my sister's death. I thought making this ceramic doll would help. Her foot was mangled in real life, too. When she was a little more than a year old, my mother watched as she played in oven cleaner. After cleaning her off, my mother put the oven cleaner soaked shoe back on her foot. For hours, she yelled at my sister to stop crying. Finally, after at least four hours, she took my sister in to the hospital. My sister had second and third degree burns from the waist down. Her foot was burned the worse.

I had put holes in her hands because I had originally thought to put ski poles in her hands. Christina went skiing with friends and after watching her tear wild down the mountain, her friends asked her where she learned such great hot dogging. Christina told them she never learned to ski. The last run of the day, there was freezing rain. Christina went down the mountain with her eyes closed. That was my sister. She wasn't afraid of life.

Melonoma killed her in June 1997. My mother decreed that no one should tell me that my sister was sick or that she died. A friend called me to let me know that she had seen my sister's obituary in the paper.

Friday, November 10, 2006

How To Buy My Art

If you are interested in buying any of the art pictured on my blog, you may e-mail me at: or visit Laughing At The Sun Gallery in Mesilla, NM ( or Unravel in Las Cruces (

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Renaissance Faire

Jim and I got juried into the Las Cruces Renaissance Faire this year. Only a limited number of artists in each category are selected so this was a special accomplishment for us. This was Jim's third year, my first year. The was also the first year the Faire organizers allowed artists to share a booth. Jim's work needs to be displayed on tables, mine needs to be hung on walls.

I made the fabric panels from upholstery fabric. They need a little help. I put a pocket on the back of the panels so we could slip a wooden board into the pocket to stabilize the panels. For some reason, I didn't think to put a pocket behind each nylon cord. Next year - I'll have the bugs worked out.

Jim and his little pouffy pants

This is the third year that Jim has been juried in as an artist at the Renaissance Faire. Each year, he wants something a little different with his costume. This year's addition is little pouffy pants.

Me and my Tutu

The Renaissance Faire organizers require that artists be in costume - and this was mine. How shall I put this delicately? I failed to remember that restroom facilities consist of port-a-potties. The tutu had to be removed and the rest of the outfit is a jumpsuit. At least I didn't drop my tutu in the toilet.