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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spending Time In The Clay Studio

I love the way mica clay cooks, so I made myself a covered casserole dish. Can't wait to have this baby finished so I can cook something in it. 

I decided to try a different form for Shabbat candlesticks. The middle photo shows the drip cups and how they will look when the candlesticks are finished. I made sure I made the holes larger than the bottom of the drip cup. I haven't decided if I will glue the drip cups in or if I will let them just sit in the holes. I'm thinking about how they would be easiest to clean. 

Then, because I'm having surgery tomorrow (removal of a cyst - nothing major) and can't really concentrate on anything complicated, I made lots and lots of buttons. The buttons will go on hats and anything else that seems like it needs a ceramic button or two. 

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