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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spending More Quality Time In The Clay Studio

I like the bean pot I made, but I wanted to make a smaller pot - something more practical for cooking for two. These are the results. Can't wait to get this fired, glazed and fired again so I can cook in it. Because this is mica clay, I'll put a clear glaze on the inside and leave the outside as is. That way, there are lots of sparkles on the outside. 

I'm still not going to buy something I can make. I want a covered bread pan. Ceramic bread pans make the best bread. I saw a covered bread pan in a catalog for $60. I'm going to build the sized up on this pan, make a lid. I had built some very small, one roll size, covered bread pans a few years ago to see how they would work. The bread rose higher and cooked nicer. 

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