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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jim's New Jammies

I bought this fabric last summer when it first arrived at the fabric store - but it took me a while to turn the fabric into jammies for Jim. It's actually a scrubs pattern. The photos are a little rough - we were having a stiff wind at the time.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Outfit

The black batik is fabric I bought when we were in Hawaii. Fellow Quiltart poster, Diedre, lives on the Big Island and offered to take us around and show us the good fabric stores. I bought this at one of the stores Diedre took us to. The rust died fabric is from DellaJane Hand Dyes. I played with the pattern a bit and made the outfit I wanted. I used some of the rust dyed fabric for godets in the skirt.

Of course, I then needed earrings for the outfit. So.... I got out the pliers and the crystals and made earrings.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One more sun face

Jim's Sun Faces

See what happens when the Clay Monster gets loose! Jim decided to make some sun faces. He used a mold he had made for a platter and used slips to create the facial texture and features. Having learned painting before ceramics, he approaches slip from a painter's perspective.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Female Sculptures

I made a series of female figure sculptures. Originally there were five, but one lost her head in a salt firing. Alas, her head landed in the cone pack. The rest are glazed a fired in electric kilns. With each one, I tried to make the faces more realistic. The last doll I made was the one with the extruded arms. When I painted her eyes and lips, I was amazed at how much personality the sculpture had.

The shortest sculpture is the one with the really angry face. I think that sculpture, more than any of my other work, shows what I was feeling at the time I made it.

Female Sculptures

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Glazed Extrusions

This is Jim's sculpture after glazing. Sometimes the sculpture likes to be mysterious and wears a hoodie. Jim made an extruder out of a caulking gun and a piece of PVC pipe. All of the extrusions were colored with underglazes. The sculpture needed a base, so Jim took a platter that had been over fired and warped and glued it under the sculpture.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Exhibit A

I had a motion hearing yesterday, and this piece of fabric was Defense Exhibit A. The issue for the hearing was did the police officer have reasonable suspicion to stop my client. My client was stopped because he was wearing a "flannel" jacket and it was warm out.

I handed Exhibit A to the officer and asked if he knew what kind of fabric it was. He didn't. I asked if it was flannel. He didn't know. In my argument, I told the judge I am a fiber artist and I've been sewing for 44 years. I know my fabrics and Exhibit A - which was entered into evidence - is flannel.

I lost, but there will be an appeal and Exhibit A will go up to the appeals court.

Exhibit A is a leftover from some flannel I used to make a blouse for myself. I made Jim's long sleeved shirt out of the companion to this fabric. Same orange background, but Jim's shirt has hot dogs, buns, mustard and picnic things on it.