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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working On Mugs

I've been working on mugs. These are coil built, and I'm starting to get better shapes and I'm getting better handles. Another 50 or so and I'll be where I want to be skill wise. 

I've Been Playing With Beads

I played with triangles and made a pair of earrings. 

More triangle playing, this time with a crystal and off center fringe. I think I'm going to attach it to a black velvet ribbon and turn it into a choker. 

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sketches to be used on a Jar and a Mug

I started playing with my sketches to see how I could use my line drawings on real mugs and jars. 

Latest Beaded Triangle

I haven't decided if I like this piece. I was playing with design while making a triangle. 

Jim's Latest Wood Bowls

Some of Jim's latest wood bowls. 

Jim Using The Lathe

This was my first attempt at making a video. Here's Jim turning a bowl.