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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Earrings I Made For Me

I decided to make me some earrings. I needed some green earrings to go with my green clothes. 

I loved the Laural Burch charm when I saw it and I turned it into a bellybutton ring for me. 

The blue crystals are because I love swarovski crystals. It might just be time for me to replenish my supply. 

Got Tired of Sewing.... So I Made Earrings

I've been spending a lot of quality time in the sewing room lately and I guess I hit the sewing wall. I just couldn't bring myself to sew the last couple days. Today, I sat down and made earrings. The earrings pictured below are all in my etsy store. Just click on the headline above the photo and you will be magically taken to my shop. 

Black & Red Earrings

Purple Pearl & Crystal Earrings

Green Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Green Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Friday, January 13, 2012

Latest Sewing

I've been spending the second week of my vacation in the sewing room. I've also been shopping in my stash. The blouse is made from rayon we bought at a flea market in Honolulu. I love how it drapes. The hat is from fabric Delores Hamilton sent to me. I've been a little down the last day or so and there's nothing like a killer bling hat to brighten a dreary mood. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

Miami Beach, 401 Ocean Blvd, and a Cuban Restaurant

The first night in Florida, we met up with a clay friend who I had met on line. We went to a Cuban restaurant and had a great time. The big surprise is it was COLD in Florida. It was mid 50's when we got off the plane. That wouldn't be a big deal, except I didn't bring any winter clothes. Fortunately, it warmed up. 

The first full day in Florida, we spent exploring. We found two art stores and a French restaurant. Although it has been about 20 years since I needed to speak French, I gave a try at ordering my lunch. All went well. It was the second time we ate at the French restaurant that I discovered when I got stuck in French, my brain automatically switched to Spanish. 

The next day, we explored Ocean Blvd. We drove by 401 Ocean Blvd, and as far as I know, both the sheriff and the deputy are still alive. We saw the art deco section of Miami Beach and we found a Cuban restaurant. I had a much easier time ordering my lunch in Spanish. Until.... I got stuck in Spanish. The waitress asked Jim in Spanish what kind of desert he wanted, and although I knew what she said, it took a few seconds for me to think of the English. This happens some times. The food was very good and so were the deserts. I tried Cuban coffee, and that stuff really will put hair on your chest. Even the decaff. 

I did learn the following: decafinado (Spanish for decaff), decafinee (French for decaff), confiture (French for jam). These are important words to know. 

After Miami Beach, we went to the Anne Kolb Nature Preserve in Dania (just south of Ft. Lauderdale). So that's what a mangrove forest looks like. I read the Doc Ford mystery series and the next trip to Florida will include Captiva Island.