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Monday, May 28, 2007

She's Got Betty Boop Eyes

Watching The Storm Arrive

Put On A Happy Face

Little Quilts

I started playing around with 12" square quilts this weekend. I wanted to take what I learned in Pamela Allen's class, combine it with some of my favorite things to do with quilts, and see what comes out.

Sewing things on by hand is okay, but I dearly love my fancy thread collection and those threads work best in the machine. My quilt, my rules.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Detail of Quilt

I Just Can't Fake It Any More

Here it is all finished and ready to hang in my office. It's titled: I Just Can't Fake It Any More.

There's a poem about Richard Corey, a man who had a perfect life and one day went home and put a bullet through his head. I don't think it was depression that caused him to be suicidal. I think it was the constant strain of faking it, of holding in emotions, of biting back feelings and not saying what ought to be said.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jim's Newest Quilt Project

Here's Jim's newest quilt project. He's wondering what size needle to use to quilt this. He's also considering embellishments. I think a row of fringe beads would be nice and maybe some crystals.

He had some basal cell cancer on his nose. The cancer's all gone, but we still have a visit to the doctor and a trip to the hospital before the skin graft is done. He has no pain, but he had to take out his 14 earrings so he's feeling rather naked. Meanwhile, Jim's considering new quilt projects utilizing one of these nose blankets. We've got an extra one.

The moral of the story: Wear Sun Screen!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not Quite Done

I began this class with no idea in mind. I hadn't sketched anything. I hadn't even thought about how I would do this. I just followed the instructions and magic happened. I had no idea what sort of face I would create, but once I got the fabrics placed on the background, I realized this is a very sad woman. She's got her emotions locked inside of her because it isn't safe for her to let them out.

I need to finish the hand sewing and do the quilting. I need to do a bit more with the embellishments. I'm hoping she will tell me what she wants to be called.

My quilt in progress

I've admired Pamela Allel's quilts for ages and I've been wanting to take one of her classes. Pamela has always been so encouraging and it's all her fault that I enter shows and sell my work. Thanks, Pamela!

I'm from Buffalo, NY and that's only about an hour and a half away from Rochester where Pamela was teaching a class. And yes, we really did fly in just to take her class.

Jim's Quilt Ready for Critique

Here's Jim's quilt ready for critique. He needs to finish up the hand sewing and to do the quilting.

Jim's First Quilt

Jim does wood turning and paints (mostly oils) but he had never quilted before. He took Pamela Allen's class with me, and here he is working on his first quilt.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Working on creating a great mug

I will learn how to make a great mug and that's all there is to it! So far, I'm either getting a decent handle or a decent mug. I need to get them coordinated and then work on making a truly great mug.

Frasier Celedon Mug

Frasier Celedon Mug