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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jim's New Shirt

Here's Jim's new shirt - in toto and in detail. We bought the fabric in Hawaii when Diedra took us around the Big Island stopping at quilt shops.

Pillow Cases

I love fancy threads and fancy stitches. Whenever I buy sheets or pillow cases, I get out the fancy threads and do some machine embroidery. Here are some examples of what I've done.

Big Tiles

I started working with larger, asymetric tiles. The top one is from ^6 using slips. The white part in the middle will eventually have either a gold or a copper luster.

The bottom tile is ^04 using commercial glazes


Here are most of the thylokoids - there's one left to fire and there will be some for the naked raku. These are done in ^6 with coyote glazes. I was using one of the new kilns at the university and this particular kiln fires quite quickly. I prefer to fire my work more slowly. I think it was the quick firing that caused the major crack in the one.

Yes, I did notice that the purple and green one looks like produce.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Healing and Justice

This is one of those happy surprises where the art takes over and the thinking part of my brain shuts off. I didn't realize until I had finished painting with the under glaze that I had chosen purple - a color denoting healing. Purple is also the color of the tassel you get when you graduate from law school.

She's Got The Blues

I took what I learned in Pamela Allen's quilting class and transferred it to clay. I had no idea the brown slip on the eyebrows would burn out in low fire, but I like the effect.

One more abstract piece

I've never worked with abstract designs before and I like what's happening when I'm working with abstract designs now.

Creatures of the Imagination

I've been playing with lines and design. I've used slip to paint some of the designs, the air pen to outline, and low fire glazes. I dearly love the glazes with crystals in them.

Perhaps something to drink?

A little something to eat?

You may not be able to see the details perfectly, but I used a thick slip for what's inside the bowl and I left it textured. I'm not sure what kind of food it is, but I had fun. This is also low fire clay and glazes.


Reading from the top down, the tiles spell Shalom or peace in Hebrew. I used low fire clay and glazes and played with both slip and my air pen. It's nearly impossible to tell how the colors will come out when using both slip and a glaze with crystals. I'm very happy with the results.