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Thursday, September 01, 2011

I'm Having More Fun With Hats

I bought some serious bling today - turquoise ostrich feather, marquise hot crystals, great black trim with black feathers and black beads. I was looking through my stash, and found this silk that I bought a few years back in San Francisco. I had made a blouse out of it. 

As I worked on the had, bling just seemed wrong, so I left the hat plain. 

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anniedehgan said...

I love the hats. Esp. the one that looks like barkcloth. I looked at and read your artist sketchbook. Your spiral drawings are beautiful. I could see them being art quilts as well as pottery designs. I am so sad for all your pain. If you haven't explored tapping as a way to free your pain and give it back to the universe in a dissolved and altered form, you should explore the possibility. It is freeing. Fred Gallo is a psychologist who has written about it. I went to see him with grief and he was very helpful. As a nurse practitioner, I am concerned with your draining cyst. Does it need excision or are you being treated with antibiotics?
Good luck with all you do. Peace. Annie Dehgan