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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Very Latest in Haute Couture Lingerie


This was a group assignment. We each had to throw 5-6 bowls. Then, all the pieces were put on the table and we could choose 5-6 bowls to make a totem. I assembled, bisque fired, and used my glazes with crystals. The glazes came out a tad differently than I'm used to because we used the class clay which is a garrish orange. I prefer to work with white clay because the glazes come out brighter. I rather like my Dr. Seuss pot.

Affirmation Rattle

"I am whole, happy and at peace."

Low Fire Dish

Majolica Dish

Kiln Surprise Mask

I used a blue/green slip on one side of the mask, and the same brown slip that I used on the high fire dish below on the other side. I've no idea why the slip turned out that way, but I love the effect.

High Fire Dish

Playing With The Slip Mask

A friend has a collection of masks, and I was inspired to start playing with clay and see what kind of masks I could come up with. I'm using a slump mold to make the masks.

Low Fire with Mystery Slip Mask

Majolica Mask

What Happens When I Wash Off The Glaze?

This is one of my test barnacles. I had dunked it in plum glaze. After I dropped the rattle in the bucket, I wondered what would happen if I washed the glaze off one of the barnacles. I like what it did.

I Dropped It In The Glaze Bucket

I meant to dunk this rattle in the glaze - and I dropped the rattle. I then washed off the glaze and wondered what would happen if I glazed it with glaze just in the carved parts. I like the results.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clay Pants

I had a pair of pants I wore whenever I worked with clay. Alas, they are now fit only for rags. I needed new pants. I went to the local Famous Name Chain store and bought a cheap batik. I used my 50% off coupon so I got really cheap batik. I made me a pair of scrub pants for clay. These pants are remarkably comfortable and allow me to use the potter's wheel as well as do a lot of bending as I'm lugging clay or dragging a glaze bucket over to the glaze table.

I tend to get glaze on me as well as the ceramic piece and glaze doesn't wash out. I thought the pattern of the batik would disguise at least some of the glaze splatter - at least for a while.

The close up is of the pocket. I truly cannot sew without using some of my fancy thread and some fancy stitches.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Architectural Scrubs

I wanted something really wild for traveling. So..... I found some great architectural fabric and spent today having fun making the latest set of scrubs.

New Scrubs

I bought this fabric about a year and a half ago, and I've forgotten what I had planned on using it for. So.... I laid out the scrubs pattern and made this top and the bottoms. I used an iridescent thread for the fancy stitching on the top. I find scrubs to be very comfortable for sewing, lounging around the house and traveling.