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Monday, September 05, 2011


The day after I have my cyst removed, I'm wearing this hat to cover the owie. Ostrich feathers, rhinestones, and a great batik fabric. Would could be better for chasing away the blues, covering an owie, and feeling pretty? The feather is on a clip and it's removable for those days when I need to wear conservative bling. 

I'm feeling depressed today, so I went into the sewing room and made hats. The bottom one is from turquoise silk that I had forgotten I had. The striped ones are fabric I found that I loved and thought would make for great hats. 

I've got parts cut out for another three hats. After that, I have to go to Jo-Ann's armed with a coupon because I'm out of interfacing. 


Karen Newman Fridy said...

These are fabulous! I'm sorry you have need of them as more than just a smart fashion statement though...I hope everything turns out OK. And when it does you should consider marketing these to women in the same circumstance, because the hats really are cool!

Barb Vlack said...

These hats are really cool! There are many ladies going through various medical issues who could feel beautiful or at least laugh at the world when sporting one of these lovelies.

Thanks for sharing.