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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quilted Tiles

I played with a traditional quilt block. I used Coyote Clay's ^6 Pansy Purple for the middle and I put Light Stormy Blue (Glaze Guy found the recipe somewhere) over two of the purple areas. I love what the Light Stormy Blue did. Naturally, it won't photograph as well as seeing it in real life. I love what happened with the texture.

I'll be in the clay studio this afternoon making more of these.

Quilted Tiles

I used a technique described in the current issue of Pottery Making Illustrated and a traditional Log Cabin block to make this tile. I used a glaze I made that was supposed to be a very light blue but in this firing came out a lovely soft gray with blue tones here and there.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cell Phone Holder, Second Draft

This one is a little larger and the cell phone slips in and out easier.

Cell Phone Holder, First Draft

My office is a dangerous place to work and having a cell phone close at hand is a critical part of my safety plan. Alas, not all my professional clothes have pockets. So... I made a cell phone purse. This is the first draft, it's a tad snug and I may make another one so the cell phone is easier to get in and out. Then again, I don't want the cell phone to come out so easily that it falls out.

I treated myself to a pearls and piping foot for my sewing machine and gave it a test drive with the fancy cord and yarn on the purse. I like how this foot works.

Self Portrait

When I was little, I had very long hair and wore braids. I got my first haircut shortly before first grade. When I went to kindergarden, my grandmother made me pinafores. This is what I remember from one of the pinafores. I've never done a self portrait before and I'd never even considered doing one of me as a small child.

Female Sculptures

This is from the middle of the semester. I had started working larger.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Protected Heart

This is a series of sculptures I made based on some guided imagery I had done. I saw my heart protected by something that looked like spaghetti. As I pulled away the spaghetti, my heart emerged.

The Heart Begins To Shed Unneeded Protection

The Heart Emerges

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Three Female Sculptures

These are the first of the female sculptures I've made this semester. I've been experimenting with glazes and trying to improve on the technical aspects.

Mindless Fashion

This is the front and the back of the sculpture. I used a glaze experiment on this one. Light Stormy Blue with Waterfall Brown over the top. I kept the Waterfall Brown to the top third of the piece so none of the glaze dripped onto the kiln shelf. I'm not fond of scraping kiln shelves.