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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I've made suits that didn't take as much time and effort to make.

I wanted a low price, good quality shopping bag to compliment the Serious Shopping Bags on my Etsy store (shown below). These are smaller bags with shorter handles - but they hold about as much as a paper grocery bag.

I thought these would be easy and quick to make. The Serious Shopping Bags have a quilted panel on the front. These are "plain." Hah! I've made suits that didn't take as much time and effort as these bags. It was the handles that did me in. Finally, after I'd had more than enough turning upholstery fabric tubes right side out, I grabbed the black web for the final two of the six bags.

They aren't for sale - mostly because I'd lose money if I sold them at a price people are willing to pay. Instead, they will be going with me to the grocery store, the fabric store, any any other store I visit.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I forgot to figure out how to quilt this before I made it

The colors are a bit off and it hasn't been blocked. It's a square of 100% cotton and I used fabric ink for the words. I then used fabric paint for the eye.

I wanted to make a small quilt based on a vision I saw. I used purple to denote healing and the quilt's called: Eye Of The Storm. Now I have this piece and no idea how to quilt it. I welcome all suggestions. Thanks for the input.