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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dyeing 8-13-11

I mixed blue and orchid. On fabric, it makes a lovely, mottled blue violet. 

I saw a hand-dyed tee shirt done in a lovely, pale peach. I am trying to duplicate that peach. I used red and yellow, used less dye, and left the crochet thread in the dye only for an hour. I got a more orange peach than I wanted. 

The blue and orchid thread part-way wound into a ball. I'm going to like how this one crochets up. 

I've also been reading bout using fancy thread in the bobbin of the machine and doing upside down machine quilting. I wonder how the crochet thread would work in the bobbin. Perhaps with a purple metallic for the top thread to give it a touch of sparkle. 

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