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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sewing Is An Adventure

Sometimes, it just doesn't go right. As I started sewing the button holes, I realized I was sewing them on the left side of the blouse. Ack! Wrong side! Okay... The reason men's button holes are on the left is because men dress themselves. The reason women's button holes are on the right is because women were dressed by maids. I dress myself. I should have button holes wherever I want. So there. One problem.... I can't bring myself to wear a shirt with men's button holes. Okay..... this is a design element and it will be easier to sew on the buttons because these already sewn holes (which hadn't been cut) would make it easy to see where to put the buttons. So I put button holes on the other side. Then I sewed on the buttons. By machine. Making sure they are firmly and permanently attached. Ack! I put the button holes on the wrong side - I was right the first time. No, wait..... it's all right. The button holes are where they are supposed to be. I was cutting the last two button holes when I realized I had indeed put the button holes on the wrong side. It's now a design element and I'm wearing the blouse no matter what. 

As long as I'm going to wear my heart on my sleeve, I might as well wear my heart on my sleeve. 

This is a commercial batik. I did a little adjusting on the pattern to make it fit my Xtra Lovely self. Extra Lovely, that's what the XL is for, right? I made the front shorter, but not the back. No problem, I'll only sew the side seams down to the last 4 inches and it will just be a blouse with a longer back. Now that I've worked out the front and back sleeve problems (why is it so darned hard to get them to match?) and worked out the hem, I want to use this pattern for the batik cloth I made. 

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Anonymous said...

I did that wrong-side buttonhole thing once by accident. No one else notices, so wear it in peace! It is just maddening to make your hands switch roles and do what they are not accustomed to doing. Your work is a treat for my eyes.