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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Batik - from start to finish

 Getting the table ready to do batik. I've put cardboard on the table to keep the wax off the table. 

 These are a collection of bottles that I use to make different size circles. 

 Almost completely melted soy wax. I use soy wax because it has no fumes, can be kept melted using a double boiler and it's a renewable resource. 

What the fabric looks like with all the wax circles. I used the piece of fabric that I dyed Ivory. It's a soft, very pale yellow. 

The finished fabric. I used ultra purple because it's a compliment of yellow. This will be a blouse for me when it grows up. 


Lisa Chin said...

What style of blouse will you make? The fabric turned out beautiful. I love the ultra purple color!

Silvia Dell'Aere said...

Great fabric! I bet your blouse will be beautiful!

Treas said...

Love your dye work and purple is a color I love. That will make a great blouse.