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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clay Studio Work 10-17-10

Jim is working on a mask made from mica clay. You can see some of the sparkles in the photos. 

Canister with an experimental lid. It's okay, but I like the petrie dish type lids better. 

Jar with the lid peeking out from behind. 

The lid is pretty tight fitting, so I may have to do some sanding before I finish this piece. 

My new bean pot made from mica clay. Mica has wonderful heat properties. In theory, pots made from mica clay can be used over a direct flame. I'm not so sure I'd try that. I need to round off the bottom edge and make a lid for it. I've been wanting a ceramic bean pot so I can make real baked beans. Beans can be made in a crock pot, but they aren't quite the same as slow baked in a ceramic pot. I'll glaze both the inside and the outside. Usually, I would not glaze the outside of a piece made from mica clay. But.... there are always a few beans that crawl out of the pot and go exploring. Glazed outside makes for easier cleanup after exploration beans. 

Small mica clay canister on the left, ^6 canister in the middle, and bean pot on the right. 

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