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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Clay Studio 10-3-10

The latest Qumran inspired jar. 

And with the lid. This is Laguna's ^6 Calico clay. It's mainly white with gray speckles. It's also great to do coil work with.  

No the handle is NOT coming apart from the top of the mug. It's just how it looks in the photo. Yes, I know the handles are clunky. I need to work on that. I was making wimpy handles and decided they were awful so I went for larger handles. 40 or so more mugs, and I may have the process down.  

And this is the other mug with a clunky handle. The wheel and I still don't get along, so these are coil built. I used a ^6 porcelain. 

This will be a menorah when it grows up. I used a ^6 clay that does great things in reduction. I'm going to leave the clay naked and just glaze the very top where the candles go. The idea of trying to get wax off unglazed clay doesn't sound like fun. I have aluminum candle cups that will get epoxied onto the top after firing. I'll put brown terra sig on the bottom to keep the grog in the clay from damaging whatever the menorah is set on. 

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