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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Jim's Masks

Speckled buff - sans glaze. Now... every other time I did speckled buff in the gas kiln, the speckled buff came out toasty. So what happens in reduction? It comes out boring. 

Jim found a bronze ^6 glaze that does really cool things in reduction. He hammered on the clay with one of his old foundry tools so the mask would look like hammered metal. 

This is Laguna's Brown clay. It's a funny clay to fire. It's a ^5 clay and it's not kidding. Take it up to ^6 and you get landfill. This is the naked clay fired in reduction. I fired to ^5 down but ^6 not moving. I gotta get me a pryometer one of these days. Anyway, some of Jim's extrusions made with this clay shattered. The mask came out fine. 

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