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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gas Firing 3-27-12

My favorite of the sugar and creamer sets, and the glaze blistered. Sigh. 

A bit of localized reduction. This piece was in the back of the kiln next to a flame. 

Commercial glaze that blistered on every single piece no matter where it was in the kiln. 

I used low-fire white clay and fired the kiln to ^05 down, ^06 just starting to bend. All the glazes are commercial, and one blistered badly on every piece. Either it's a bad glaze for this clay or it's a bad glaze for a gas firing. 

I did find a tiny bit of reduction on the covered casserole. That piece was in the back by a burner. The reduction happened even though the damper was fully open and all the peeps were open. 

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