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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mezuzah For Places Where You Can't Screw It To The Door Post

After putting the mezuzah cover next to just about every fabric I have and not finding any that looked good, I decided on a cream colored linen. 

I got out the fancy threads and found that only the palest purple looked really good next to the mezuzah cover. Then I settled on assorted fancy stitches. 

I used size 8 seed beads strung with several layers of silamide thread to attach the mezuzah cover to the fabric.

I left an opening at the top so all I need is a small, spring-loaded curtain rod to hang the mezuzah. 

Not every door post can accommodate screws and not every landlord wants something permanently attached to the door post. This is my way of getting around those rules and still having a mezuzah. 


Karen said...

It looks beautiful. Great choices on the fabric and stitching colors! As well as a fine solution on hanging!

Carole said...

Hi Deb.... I am guessing you are using the Janome 6600? Gotta love those stitches...
I did a stitch out of all the stitches when I first got my machine, that has been very useful.
I have some white for a blouse, you have just inspired me!

Mezuzah said...

Mezuzah is a tradition it was use a long time ago until now.Great post Deb.