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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Handmade Artists Forum Shirt Challenge

Handmade Artists Forum is one of the forums on etsy. They have a challenge going to take a ready-to-wear shirt and art it up. I took a pale olive oversized shirt, my fancy threads, and my fancy stitches and started to have fun. This is the left shirt front. I removed the pocket with the idea I'd put the pocked on the lower right front. 

This is the back yoke. 

The collar. 

A better look at the left front. 

I haven't decided what, if anything, I want to do next. I have used a different thread and a different stitch for each line of embroidery. 

No, the penguins are NOT standing upside down. They live in the Southern Hemisphere, and I live in the Northern Hemisphere. From my perspective, that's exactly how they stand upright. 


JJ said...

Beautifully done!

Gloria said...

Well done! All the beautiful colors will allow you to easily coordinate it with other clothing items.

Karen said...

Terrific idea! Wish my machine made penguins they are my favorite animal!!