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Friday, July 02, 2010

Bread Pan Experiments

This is the bread pan Jim made for me from mica clay. No sparkles, but a good bread pan. 

This is the bread pan Jim made from ^6 reclaim. I think something got into the reclaim because we've never had this problem with the clay before. It looks as if the clay had gas pains and was trying to do little burps all over the place. This isn't a glaze defect - it's in the clay itself. 

I made the 1.5 pound batch of sourdough bread in the machine and then split the dough in half and plopped it in the bread pans. 

You thought I was going to get weird looking bread, right? I got nice loaves. I like the way the bread rises in the clay pans. I put the bread dough and pans into a pre-heated oven. I greased both pans with butter before putting the dough in, and the bread nearly flew out of the pans. 

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lpskeen said...

Deb, those air bubbles in the clay are caused by bloating of the clay. This can be caused by a couple of things: 1. Raising temperature of the kiln too quickly, and the exterior of the pot gets hard before the gas bubbles in the claybody escape. 2. Organic matter in the claybody burning out, creating gas which is trying to escape during firing. 3. Poor wedging technique trapped air in the clay - not what this looks like (the bubbles are too small).