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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Learning New Clay Stuff

The Qumran jars, in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were stored for nearly 2000 years, fascinate me. They are huge jars - about 2.5' tall, and the opening in the top is larger than the bottom circumference. I originally thought they were coil built, but after looking at several more photographs, I think I can see throwing marks on the jars. 

I can't throw for beans, so I'm making a series of jars inspired by the Qumran jars using coils. This is the not completed jar. I need to add a neck and then a lid that fits tightly over the neck. Think petrie jar for the lid. 

The first jar I made is not good - but it's the first one and I'm keeping it. This is the second. I'd like to make several of them. I'm thinking about leaving the outside unglazed and glazing the inside. I'm using a clay called Anasasi and it's for ^6. I like the color of the clay in reduction. This will be my summer clay class project. 


Anonymous said...

Some pots are assembled and then turned on a wheel to finish them. The coiling has to be really good or it's hard to follow the pot on the wheel. It would be really hard to know that for sure without touching the pots. Doncha wish you could put your hands on those?
I like the idea of unglazed surfaces with glazing on the inside.

Kim O. said...


I googled Qumram jars and was fascinated on their shape. Thank you and good luck on yours!