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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Design Happens When You Run Out Of Fabric

I cut the dress pieces out, and then realized I had not cut two side pieces out. Oops. Worse, there wasn't a long enough piece of fabric for the side pieces. So I pieced bits together and made enough to cut out the side pieces. I added godets to the dress so I'd have more walking room. I tried taking photos of the pieced together side pieces and the godets, but the pattern on the fabric makes it hard to show those details. 

This is a Park Bench pattern that I had to do a little altering on in order to make it fit right. I added a tie that goes from the center front panel to the back and I added the godets. I used a fancy thread that coordinates well with the fabric for subtle fancy stitches on the seams. I used my serger to assemble the dress, and I like to sew down the serged seams. Fortunately, I have lots of fancy threads and lots of fancy stitches. 

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