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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jewelry and Pinch Pots

Jewelry pieces ready to go onto the bisque cart.  

After sanding and coating with terra sig. I use terra sig on the bottoms of my pinch pots to ensure I have a lovely, smooth, non-table marring bottom on my pots. I do this for every clay body I use from ^04 through ^10. 

A couple close ups of the Jewelry pieces. I used a commercial stamp to make the textures. 

Before starting to sand and apply terra sig. The pieces to go into reclaim were not a surprise. I always lose a few pieces when I put a board over them and let them dry. 

What I'm learning from this: I'm starting to be less anal-retentive with shapes. This is good. I'm thinking that these could either be edged with silver wire or with beads. I made some with my own doodling as a design and some with commercial stamps. I think I'm going to have some unusual colors with these pieces. There is always some space left in the kiln for little bits and pieces when glaze firing. I also like to use jewelry pieces and buttons for test tiles. I used a commercial ^6 clay for this - Laguna's Speckled Buff. I like the color of the clay when fired and I like the way the speckles become part of the glaze. 

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