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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ready to put away for the moment

I have to clean the cruddies off of them and make sure there are no clay crumbs in the incised areas; but for the moment, they are on my shelf, nicely wrapped in plastic waiting for me to come back and finish them. After that, I will be using them to make the plaster molds for the tiles. 

I had planned on making four of each tile. The two on the bottom are made by pressing my thumbs into the clay. These will be the tiles for behind the stove. I'll make two more to make four molds. 

The two with the design are a happy accident. I was going to make all the tiles go in the same direction. But I wasn't watching what I was doing when I made the second tile and made a right and a left. I like how the tiles work together. I'll make another right and left so I can make four molds. I thought by using four molds, I could make a number of tiles all at once plus the tiles would have subtle differences in them. 

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