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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boat Lag

It's like jet lag, only different. We've home from a two-week cruise of the Caribbean. While on the boat, I became seriously relaxed. No back spasms. The compressed nerve in my leg decompressed and healed. 

We flew out on 12/31 and I had forgotten that on the holidays, the inexperienced pilots fly. Oops. I failed to buy earplanes and the pilots (we flew El Paso to Houston to Miami) failed to properly regulate the cabin pressure. I blew out an ear, and I still can't hear in that ear. Yes, the ear has been seen by a doctor. The ear drum is intact. It's dull rather than shiny. There's no infection but there is swelling. There is also impatience on my part to get this misery over with. 

There were mirrors all over the ship, so I was constantly reminded of how much weight I've gained. I worked out on the elliptical machine on the ship 9 of the 14 days we were cruising. Now to keep that up at home. 

I'm in the process of downloading and sorting the photos. I'll post photos when I'm done. 

In the Miami airport, I not only found earplanes for the trip home () but I also found some local murder mysteries. Whooo hoooooo! All in paperback and all in my bag waiting to be read. 

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