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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sometimes, the theory goes all wrong

I wanted to try a saggar firing. A friend said she has been using flower pots as saggars. Unfortunately, not all commercial flower pots are created equal. The ones I chose won't withstand firing to Cone 03.

I had used copper, steel wool, and oranges in assorted combinations in the pots.

I nearly cried when I opened the kiln door. As bad as I felt about having my work destroyed, I felt even worse about destroying two pieces one of the grad students made. I waited until the rest of the class and my teacher arrived before unloading what was left of the flower pots.

Not a single piece inside any of the pots was broken!

Unfortunately, I was under the impression that terra sig could be put on bisqued clay. Perhaps it can, but it can't be done on the clay I'm using. And so I have instant antique pots.

If I ever do this again, I'll try throwing bowls with lids from high fire clay and using the bowls and lids for saggars.

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