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Saturday, April 14, 2007

If I stay quiet, I'll be safe

What to do with the bowls I threw. They aren't the right size for food. I decided I'd glaze the inside and write on the outside. This one says: If I stay quiet, I'll be safe.

I think that if I put the hurt inside the bowl, I can dump the hurt out and won't feel it any more.

Yes, I did grow up thinking like this. It probably saved my life.

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cmonk82 said...

Hi Deb,

All art is emotional, at least for me it is! I have noticed that I make art because I'm mad, hurt, sad, angry, happy, bored, and a host of other mixed emotions...suffice it to say some of us express it with words (writers,) some with music (singers and musicians,) and some with objects of art or craft...That's us artists and crafts persons...artisans, if you will, that have to form their reaction to the world around them with colors, shapes, and solid objects that they mold into their statement about whatever they want to share with the people in that world around them. If that world craps on me back instead of acknowledging my worth then I am not swayed from my course because my language is pure and honest. They cannot see that due to societal blinders...Yep! And, that has been my life story...honesty brings me pain, however, God knows me and I know him and they only hurt me if I let their opinions count!
Today, those opinions are not an issue to me. I just make my stuff and try to sell it.

Curtis Adkins
Monk's Hovel Ceramics