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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Testing Out New Dyes

A new to me yellow showing most of the piece and up close. I've o idea where the red freckles came from, but they are kind of interesting. 

Parakeet. I really like this color and I may do some serious fabric dyeing with this color. 

Wasabi and wasabi up close. I like the blending of the wasabi and the parakeet. 

This is a new to me deep green and I like it better than other other deep green I have. This color seems to have more life in it. 

I took white fabric and cut it into four triangles then shoved each piece of cloth into a quart jar with dye from new dyes I ordered from Dharma Trading. 

I want to work with batik, but I first needed to see what these dyes look like in real life as opposed to the color chip on the website. I'll hem the edges on the triangles and call them scarves for when I eat in a restaurant. Apparently, my breasts act as a food magnet and I ALWAYS get food on the front of me. Sigh. I won't wear a bib, but I will wear a scarf. 

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Linda Teddlie Minton said...

This is a very cool idea, Deb! Searching through my fabrics and dyes now ...