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Sunday, June 03, 2012

I've been scratching my head trying to figure out how to make a bib that doesn't look like a bib. I have reached the stage of life where I end up wearing most of my meals. I put out questions to both quilt groups that I'm on and the suggestion came back to make a scarf. 

I took a piece of white cloth that a friend had given me. I used a dyeing technique another friend had given me, and put the quart jar full of dye and fabric out in the sun. It's about 100 today so the dyes got a chance to really bake in. I would have liked a little more dye coverage, but overall, I like the results. I want to play with more dye combinations and with one dye just to see what I get. 

40 years ago today, Jim and I got married. It feels as if we've always been married and as if we just got started. 


Sally said...

Nice "bib" material! Also congratulations on your 40 years. My DH and I celebrate our 49th this month! Sally

Sue Andrus said...

Nice fabric! I look forward to seeing the final result...

And BIG Congrats on the anniversary!! :)

Diana said...

a bakery worker told me yesterday that "Oxyclean Baby" is a good product to remove food stains such as tomato and mustard and beets from cotton clothing.

"word of mouth" recommendation

Cindy Richard said...

I saw a you tube about dying. The woman put the fabric into a medium size plastic bag and then added dye. shook it around and added another color. She did this till she covered the fabric completely. She chose colors that melded well together. I tried it on silk and it was fantastic -- much nicer than using rubber bands -- like one does for tie dying. Maybe you can find her address on you tube if you are interested.
I really like the shirts you've made. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us all. Cindy Richard