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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was feeling bummed out yesterday, so I decided to make a dress. I finished it this afternoon. I had more problems with this dress. First, I sewed the side/sleeve pieces on backwards so the sides are the sleeve. The sleeve fit, so I didn't change anything. If it hadn't fit, I would have inserted a godet. 

The last time I tried using a metallic thread for a lot of fancy stitches, I ended up cursing the thread. This time, I just grabbed my favorite color and used that. 

The next serger I get will have automatic threading. First the upper looper ran out of thread. Next, the lower looper thread broke. That makes for some really nasty threading. Next, the thread on both needles broke. After a half hour of threading and rethreading, I got the serger threaded and in working order. 

I put hearts on the sleeve hems because I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. 

I really enjoy working with positive and negative prints. I remember in the early 80's there was lots of quilt fabric in positive and negative prints. I wish there were more of those prints now. It seems as if the only positive and negative prints are in black and white. 

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