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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Latest ^05 Firing 11-23-11

 Shabbot candlesticks. I used masking tape to mask off the white areas. Alas, I discovered too late that the masking tape should be removed before bisque firing. 
 This time, I removed the masking tape before bisque firing. I like the effect far better. 
I wanted a box to hold the Shabbot candles as well as be a candlestick. Here's the result. 
I wanted to try out a glaze experiment on the inside of the candle box. The glaze is a clear with crystals. So, I used a bright green underglaze to see what would happen. I'm not sure what happened here, but I do like what I got. 
 More Shabbot candlesticks. The drip cups are not going to be glued on. I want them to be removable for easy clean up. 
 This is the inside of the lid for the covered bread baker along with some of the buttons I made. I was playing with glazes. Buttons are great test tiles... .but not when I forget to label them. 
Jim can't remember where he put the handle for the teapots. And so here's the handleless tea pot. It's made from mica clay and I'm thinking it will make a really nice cup of tea. 
 The bottom half of he lidded bread baker. 
 I've found when bread is baked in a lidded container, the bread rises better. I'm looking forward to the first loaf of bread baked in this. 

The pot on the right has the same glaze on the outside as I put inside the candle box. 

 Bowl from my tribe. The Hebrew letters spell out the Hebrew word for bowl. 
 I wanted to play with the idea of surprise bowls. An underglaze on the inside and a funky glaze on the outside. 

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