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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What I Did In The Clay Studio Today 10-30-11

I've been working on coil built bowls. I'm getting there. I decided to underglaze the inside of each bowl. I'll put a clear glaze on the inside and a funky glaze on the outside. 

The first two pieces where I used the quilter's tape to mask off lines came out of bisque a tad less than wonderful. I have some glaze spots where the tape was. So.... I decided to take the tape off these before they are bisqued. 

Today's bowls and some buttons. I know the holes are off center. I won't be using them for clothing. I thought they might make for some nice hat bling. 

The latest attempt at Shabbat candlesticks with a box to hold the candles. This time, I bought a box of Shabbat candles, measured the box, added about an inch, and cut out slabs. The last boxes I had problems with the corners. So this one was two slabs that wrap around and overlap on the ends. I will make a lid with candlesticks the next time I'm in the clay studio. 

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