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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Reduction ^05 Firing or, Removing The Wild Hair

I had been told that reduction firing wouldn't have any effect on low fire clay. It has an effect. I'm just not sure I like the effect. If I were to do this again, I'd start reduction at ^010 and start oxidation firing at ^08. I started reduction at ^08 and left it in reduction to ^05. 

The short jar in the corner is mica clay. I can still see the sparkles, but I wasn't prepared for it to be black. 

The taller jar is monzano red - a VERY red clay. It came out a gorgeous matt black. Both jars are raw clay on the outside. The mica pot is glazed with clear on the inside. 

Jim's one fire extrusion piece is on the right. He used copper carb wash. I used the copper carb wash on the canisters, and I've decided I hate copper carb wash. I got little bubbles in the clear glaze, and the copper carb managed to explore the shelf and glue everything to the shelf. 

Shivering. Jim had underglaze on both extrusions (blue and black) then glaze over the underglaze. For some reason, the white clay doesn't like underglaze. 

Some of the candlesticks I had made. 

Mica pot close up. 

Too bad about the shivering because this is a really nice piece. 

Now that I've gotten rid of the wild hair.... I doubt I'll do a low fire reduction firing again. It just wasn't that exciting. I won't ever use a copper carb wash again. It wasn't worth the misery of shelf cleaning and ruining other pieces. 

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