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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Playing With Crochet

I had ordered some "hurt" books from Interweave Press including 101 Crochet Stitches. Out of the 101 stitches, about 97 are new to me, including the one above. I started playing with crochet and started thinking. What if I took some of the cotton crochet thread and dyed it? What if I made something of crochet ad dyed it? I can see me doing lots of playing with crochet and crochet thread in the coming weeks. 


anniedehgan said...

It looks to me like this strange shape might be a tessellation.
Many joined together could become a
long vest, coat with a different sleeve pattern, tablecloth, bedspread
Wow! You do try interesting things. If you make something, especially a dyed something, please post it for us to enjoy too. Thank you. Annie Dehgan

Rosalyn Manesse said...

crochet thread already can be bought in tons of colors. I make things with it.

Deb Z said...

Oh Deb, I saw your post on the quiltart list about playing with crochet and had to see your blog about it. I have recently started to do free stitch crocheting and making funky things that are abstractions and weird shapes. There's something very freeing and exciting about just doing stitches and not knowing what's to become of it. Lots of fun! DebZ

Anonymous said...

Deb, saw your clayart post. I can see rolling this into clay, leave it in place, cut the clay around the edges, drape over a small bowl. Add feet. When leather hard, remove the crochet piece. Beautiful soap dish!
Alice D., Raleigh, NC