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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Racer And The One That's Going Pretty Fast

I really liked the way this one came out. Not that I can remember what I did in the center. Ugh! 
Anyway, I've been working with hand-built mugs. They looked HUGE when they were made, pretty big after bisque, and tiny after glaze firing. I've got two sizes that I used, and I need to go back to the first size, but a little bigger around. 

This is the pretty fast one. The glaze on the textured part is blue braking to brown. It didn't come out like the little tile in the store, but I do like the results. The rest of the mug is glazed with a commercial glaze that I'm starting to love. This is the pretty fast mug. 
I'd have more photos, but there's a 50 mph wind out there and I'm not about to take my mugs and jars outside. Maybe on Friday. 

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