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Saturday, April 30, 2011

4-24-11 Firing

This is from the oxidation firing I did on 423/11. I tried out new glazes - but failed to make notes so I'm not sure what is what. I know better than this - I was having brain slush. 

I turned the burners down to what I would have them at to candle the kiln and left them like that for 30 minutes after ^6 was at 3:00. Then I shut down the kiln. When everything was cool, both cone packs showed ^6 and ^7 flat. I've never had that happen before. 

I'm liking the shape of the mugs better although I'm still not wild about them. The ones with the texture were slab made. The others were coil built. The coil built mugs are coming along. The slab built ones are smaller than I thought they'd be. They are huge when wet. Pretty big when dry. Big when bisqued. Small when glaze fired. I think if I make them an inch taller and add another inch to the length of the slab, I will be close to the size I want. 

I like how the coil built covered pots are coming out. 

Feel free to do a critique. 


Rosalyn Manesse said...

How super! I love those mugs, glorious pottery!

Anonymous said...

Love the covered pots!! And I really like the rusticness of the mugs. I have a fine collection of handmade mugs and your would fit in very well.

Lera Cavanaugh from Quilt Art.