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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I Did In The Clay Studio Today

Because the photo was dark, I enhanced it. Behold.... although this is raw clay, the photo shows it the color it would be if glazed with clear glaze. This is a really smooth clay. The three pieces that have depressions are to be molds for cabochons. I thought if I used a really smooth clay and buffed it, I would end up with smooth cabochons. 

The other pieces will be jewelry. 

Up close with one of the cabochons. It needs some sanding and finishing. I wanted to leave myself a piece that would be fairly easy to bead around. 
The piece with the turtles is a special piece I've been working on. No, the turtles aren't white clay. The turtles are covered with corn starch because that's the only way they would come out of the mold. The inside of the jar will be glazed with clear. The outside will be left naked because I love the color of the clay. 

The two pieces with the rib next to them will be mugs when they grow up. The one that's a bit taller than the rib is as tall as it's going to get. I'll do finishing work on it tomorrow or Tuesday and pull a handle for it. I'll put a clear glaze on them on the inside and around the top edge - but I want to leave the outside naked. Same great color clay. 

The other mug needs a few more coils. I just got to the point where I didn't want to work on mud any more so I gave up for the day. 

The last photo is a piece made out of the clay used in the first photo. It's being bisque fired. It will get a clear glaze so the color of the clay shows. 

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