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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chic Firing Wear

We've been having a discussion on clayart about peeking into the kiln before the kiln has cooled. There have been several posts about protective clothing. Kilns are hot, synthetic fibers melt or burn at kiln temperatures. 

After singing my hair twice, I decided to cover my hair with a bandana. If I remember correctly, this bandana features Betty Boop as a biker chick. 

The goggles are something Jim has had for years. I think they are designed for wear when using a torch. All I know is they allow me to see the cones far more clearly than if I just looked with unprotected eyes. They also keep my eyebrows and eyelashes from being singed. 

I admit the pants are a problem because they contain spandex. Alas, my batik clay pants finally died and I'm left with pants with spandex until I can make me another pair of cotton pants. The blouse is 100% cotton. The shoes would be a disaster if I opened the kiln, but since I never put my feet up by the peep holes, I figure I'm okay. 

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Anonymous said...

Wool is self extinguishing. Consider that for a headscarf.