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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Working on Personal Casserole Sets

I used an applicator from tooth whitener to put the slip "spikes" on the bottom of the casserole. I'm hoping this is enough texture to help the pot holders hold the pot. Next, I made a lid for the dish. Alas, no lid photos yet. 

I was going to make this taller.... but the clay had hardened enough that adding to it was not going to be a good experience. So I decided it was done and made a lid. 

I'm now using the Monzano Red ^04 to make a large version of the personal casserole. I want something that isn't tupperware for my sourdough starter. I'm going to be using the kind of lid that's on a petrie dish. For sourdough starter, the lid has to be able to release built up gas - or the container will break. 

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