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Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been working on beaded cabochons and wanted to make cabochons from clay. So... I decided to make a positive from which to make a mold. I thought about making plaster molds, but that involves mixing plaster. Hmmm...... Got it! I'll make positives, bisque them, and use them to make the negative press mold from clay and then bisque the press mold. I was going to put texture on these, but decided that wasn't a great ides. I'd have to make way more press molds. Why not make plain cabochons, make a plain mold and then add whatever texture I felt like adding to the clay cabochon. Much better idea. I made three positives to use to make the negative press mold. I wanted different sizes so I wouldn't always have the same size cabochon. After using these to make the negative press molds, I'll glaze them and have an additional three cabochons to play with. 

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