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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I knew if I sewed enough garments that I'd find a use for these buttons. I bought them in bulk via mail order and then wondered why I did that. I don't know - maybe because I like silver toned buttons? 

Below, I put my heart on my sleeve. I wear my heart on my sleeve metaphorically, so there's no reason not to put my heart on my sleeve literally. I'll have to think about that..... I can envision some interesting embellishment....

This is my newest shirt. I've got three more fabrics to turn into shirts for me and I want to make a shirt out of leftovers. Can't wait until I'm off from work so I can spend quality time in the sewing room. I'm thinking of cutting out the shirts now and being able to sit down and do some serious sewing when Jim has his surgery. 

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